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Online Guitar Lessons for the masses

Join Infinite Guitar and get guitar lessons from teachers around the world. We'll help you master the guitar and discover how infinite it truly is.

Yes, I want to learn. Let's rock!

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Online Guitar Lessons for the masses

Recent Lessons

Guitar Lessons that Inspire

Lessons that Inspire

Our name, Infinite Guitar, represents how the guitar is indeed limitless and infinite. There is always more to learn and more creativity to be had. Our guitar teachers build upon this core principle within their lessons. We'll help you learn the technicals, but we also want to open your eyes to how amazing the guitar is and the potential you can have with it.

We have guitar teachers from all over the world and they're some of the best talent in the business. Check out our free guitar lessons to get a taste!

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Learn guitar from Professional Instructors

No newbie teachers here! Get taught by monster guitarists who have lived and breathed in the music industry. We know what it takes to get you from amateur to pro because we've traveled that path ourselves.

Priceless Lessons at Affordable Pricing

Long gone are the days of paying $30 per half hour at a local music shop. Get affordable lessons from the best guitarists in the biz for the price of one cup of coffee per month!

View our flexible pricing.

Enjoy a Sleek Modern Interface

A lot of guitar sites are clunky and annoying to use. We built Infinite Guitar and its features to give you a smooth enjoyable experience that not only helps you learn, but helps you have fun in the process!

Experience All the Features You Need

  • Interactive Tablature play, loop, tempo control, metronome
  • Lesson Tracking mark lessons as complete and track progress
  • Watch Later List bookmark lessons easily
  • Lesson Search the most advanced lesson search on the planet
  • Backing Tracks download, loop, customize audio player
  • Guitar Pro Files download GP files with most lessons
  • Software Tools advanced metronome and chord finder
  • Left-Handed Players flip all images and videos horizontally!

What Our Members Say

Brandon Reinhart

United States

You know that feeling when you have a breakthrough with your guitar? When something difficult suddenly comes together? I've had several of those moments since joining Infinite Guitar. Each milestone was due to hard work and the excellent lesson material available on the site.

Scott Butler

United Kingdom

If you take your guitar playing seriously and want to advance as quickly as possible, become a Full Access member. IG is the best guitar tuition site, bar none! My transformation since joining in September has been unreal and I couldn't have progressed this far without the site.

Andrew Lenzie

United States

The instructors are extremely professional. All in all, Infinite Guitar has been helpful and it showed me the way. This site and the instructors made me fall back in love with my guitar!

2,310 lessons and counting ...